St. Pancratius Parish School is a Catholic elementary school operated by the parish, established in September 1954 with an all-lay faculty. In 1955, six sisters from the Mother Seton Sisters of Charity from Greensburg, Pennsylvania were added to the lay faculty.

With increasing enrollment, the school began functioning as a double-grade school in 1956. At one time the enrollment reached 792 students. Later, in accordance with the Archdiocesan plan, St. Pancratius Parish School began phasing out the double grades.

In 1969 a library was added to complete the school plant.

In 1979 a lay principal was appointed. At that time, four sisters from Mother Seton Sisters of Charity were teaching in the school, and another sister was the librarian.

In 1981 a kindergarten was added to the school community. It began as a full-day program, and continues in that respect with a teacher and two part-time aides. The kindergarten has a classroom and a playroom with two self-contained restrooms.

In August 1988 the word Parish was added to St. Pancratius School to reflect the character of the school as a part of the parish community.

In the spring of 1989 the Extended Day Care Program was added to serve the school families. Today, both before and after school care is provided with a dedicated staff. The program includes supervised homework, crafts, and playtime.

In September 1997 plans began for adding a computer lab to the school. In September 1998, the computer lab was ready for student and staff use, with a computer teacher who works closely with the classroom teachers in integrating technology into the curriculum.

In September 2012, a Transitional Kindergarten program was added so that students would be prepared academically and socially for success in elementary school.

Today the staff consists of a lay principal, ten lay teachers, one physical education teacher, Spanish teacher, music teacher, two part-time aides, an office manager, and an administrative assistant.

St. Pancratius Parish School has ten grades – transitional kindergarten through eighth grade.