Tuition and Fees

2021-2022 Tuition and Fee Schedule

All tuition must be paid using the FACTS program or paid in full before the first day of school.

See the information sheet below for Plan A or Plan B. Both plans are PER YEAR. Plan A is for Active St. Pancratious Parishioner and Plan B is for Non-Parishioner.

Parishioner Tuition * (Plan A)

1 student     $4,300

2 students    $7,000

3 students    $8,200

4 students    $9,000

Non-Parishioner Tuition (Plan B)

1 student      $5,400

2 students     $9,135

3 students     $11,505

4 students     $12,560

*To qualify for the discounted tuition rate, families must be registered St. Pancratius parishioners, attending Mass regularly.

Additional fee listed below are on a per year basis:

Testing Fee (non-refundable):

$50.00 / child

Due on or before the testing day for all new students

Admission/Registration Fee (non-refundable):

$190.00 / child

This fee covers the following costs:

Insurance, standardized testing, student activities, etc. Returning and new families pay this annual fee through FACTS at the time of registration.

Admission/Registration Fee New Families Only(non-refundable ):

$190.00 / child

Upon acceptance, Admission/Registration fee must be paid up-front by check, to school office, to hold your child’s spot.

Instructional Technology/Materials Fee (non-refundable):

$160.00 / child

This covers on-line subscriptions, SchoolSpeak, computer expenses, planners, workbooks, texts, etc. paid through FACTS at the time of registration

Fundraiser Fee

$500.00 per family

Opportunity to earn back through participation in designated fundraisers (April 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022) paid through FACTS with tuition payment(s). Percentage is based on individual fundraiser. Money earned back will be credited towards next year’s tuition through FACTS.

Service Hours

40 Hours or $1,600.00

Your participation in completing 40 service hours helps to support school programs and fundraisers for your children. Unfulfilled service hours will be billed on May 20th, 2022 through FACTS at $40 per hour. (4/17/21 – 4/23/22)

Major Prize Fall Raffle Tickets (non-refundable):


Two books of tickets to be paid for through FACTS. May 20th. (non-refundable)

BONUS: Purchase up to 3 extra books and earn $25 each towards your fundraising fee.

Casino Night


Includes two entrance tickets with play money per family, paid through FACTS at time of registration.