Tuition and fees do not cover the full cost of educating students at St. Pancratius Parish School.  A fundraising fee of $450 is charged every year – added to the tuition at registration. Each family can offset this fee during the year by profit earned from fundraisers. Participation in all fundraisers, ShopWithScrip and EScrip profits are tracked and count toward your fundraising goal. Families who have met their fundraising goal will receive a reimbursement check up to $450.

Shop With Scrip lets you order certificates on-line from hundreds of retailers who give us a discount. That discount (anywhere from 2% to 20%) is then credited toward your fundraising goal. This is a way to meet your goal – without spending extra money!  We will have the scrip ready for pick up here at school. Take advantage of those shopping doll

Follow this link to sign up with ShopWithScrip now!

Follow this link to sign up with eScrip now!

Our Group ID #141934429.

Use the shopping power of family and friends to increase your total. Ask them to register their grocery and debit cards with eScrip. Our accounting period runs from January to December, so start now for your credit next spring! Please complete the form below to let us know the names of persons supporting you toward your fundraising goal so that we can associate them with your Family Account number.