Credentials: Biography: Mrs. Santillan has been in education for seven years. She began her career in Catholic schools. After spending some time teaching in public school districts, Mrs. Santillan calls Catholic schools her home.  As a product of Catholic education herself, she loves giving back to […]
Credentials: Biography: Mrs. Gualazzi has been in Education for 20+ years, serving 15 years in public education and this will be her 10th year in a Catholic school. Her favorite things about being a teacher are creating a fun and encouraging classroom environment and seeing the […]
Credentials: Biography: Miss Brice has been teaching at St Pancratius since 2019. She grew up in Southern California and comes from a family that enjoys math. Miss Brice has always enjoyed helping people understand. She also enjoys traveling; from family vacations to annual mission trips to […]
Credentials: Biography: Ms. Gastelum has teaching experience with TK/K students. She enjoys creating special bonds with her students and growing alongside her students. She loves reading stories to her students, creating fun activities, and simply having fun with them. Her goal as a teacher is to […]
Credentials: Biography: Ms. Hernandez has recently graduated from CSULB and is very grateful and humbled to be given the opportunity to return to the St. Pancratius family as an educator this time since having attended the school for 3 years as a student. Ms. Hernandez is […]